Howdy Visitor, Fellow Traveler & Friend,

You might traditionally know the 3-Rs as Reading, Writing and "a-Rithmetic"...

However, the Lord put a new twist on that ole phrase and led us to a new mission.

Over five years or so, my wife & I have been blessed to travel around our wonderful and beautiful country and fortunate enough to bring live string music to Retirement Centers,(independent/assisted living residences), RV parks and Rest homes (also known as nursing homes and Care Centers) as well as, VA medical facilities and Community Centers.  Ala....the new "3-Rs" ha!

While traveling around the country, and seeing the various ways that music touches, moves, comforts and soothes people, my wife and I wanted to be able to spend more time doing the 3-Rs.

The Pandemic has made it more challenging to be able to do the "3-Rs", but God has provided opportunities for us to do so. RV parks and churches have been welcoming and have invited me to come in and do traditional country, bluegrass and gospel music in a variety of settings. Hey, we've even set up and did a community concert in a driveway, neighbors socially-distanced in their lawn chairs, all singing with us, to their favorite tunes! I also have been asked to present 1 & 2 day “string instrument” workshops, host country and bluegrass music jams, provide music for a variety of events and celebrations and lead and serve in church services.

I don't need to tell you this, (as we've all seen, the elderly and the infirmed of our societies, in our communities and all across our country), they are often overlooked or forgotten; spending their final years in nursing homes and medical facilities. I've seen many wonderful facilities that take great care of our aging population. Many residents just don't have much interaction with family, friends or community neighbors. They often don't have a chance to take a trip down "memory lane" and reminisce for a few moments about better days and times. We all enjoy remembering when things weren't as confusing or hard to deal with...and who among us isn't uplifted by a tune that will give us a lighter mood and happier heart?  That's where the blessed music comes in!

In all my years of playing string music, it has never failed that when I pick up the 130 year old family fiddle and play a song, how it will bring joy, trigger fond memories, cause a toe to tap or a hand to clap, and display happiness in those that are in those isolated facilities.

Whether yours is a RV park, Retirement Community, Rest Home, Nursing Home, VA Hospital, little country church or a Hospice Facility, etc.... I am honored to come and share the “God-given” talents and skills that I have been entrusted with to entertain folks.

You're probably asking yourself what this entertainment would cost. I'm happy to say, for the first time in my life, that's not really that big of an object for me. Let me just say, please contact me and we'll make it work, okay?

My wife and I are working on the next chapter of our journey. So if you'd like to have us come and share music, testimony, the Word  or serve in another capacity, just let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate the request.

Take a moment to look below at some of the pictures. God has blessed and guided us to some of the most wonderful places we've been able to visit, experience and serve in.  I used to think I was "entitled" to the music I was able to play. God, through many chapters of "prodigal son" revelations, has taught me that I'm really "entrusted" with this special calling. That has prompted me to strive and protect, share and give our Lord and Savior the Glory and credit He deserves for the opportunity to serve in these ways!  That "realignment of sorts" has allowed God to open the door to many unique places where I get the chance to pick, sing, saw on that fiddle, share stories, testimonies and help to encourage our fellow travelers along life's highway.

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