The last couple of years have been exciting, busy, trying and life-changing for Jody and Sandra Adams. As with any husband, father, semi-regular-guy, composer, AND life-learning-as-you-go sort of fella, Jody has learned a lot about life and you will hear those confessions, short-coming, prayers for help and words of thanksgivings on 9345 Damascus Road.

Deep Roots - a string-soup buffet of all the acoustic-string styles and sub-set styles that Jody has played, been mentored with and still loves today !

Bloomin' Strings: is a fun, frolicking, old-time, mountain-fiddle, Irish-Celtic,  Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, and Acoustic Music, type of CD. You'll love it!

Voices of Home: A 16-song tapestry of original compositions that highlight  family, faith, redemption and the appreciation for all those experiences and relationships.

Of course, the "Morning in America/CD" ...available exclusively online, is a celebration of the last few years' worth of radio broadcasts, that highlights the wonderful relationship Jody has developed with Dr Bill Bennett, Seth, Chris and Claude. AKA: the MIA top-dog and his crew !!  Enjoy this one and thank a veteran while you're at it !!

Jody has revamped his website, offering several more free downloads. By signing up for the newsletter, you even get you a few more tunes for free. As well as, there's a video archive of his music that is growing. Thanks go to Twangwire Productions and Lo-Fi Capo Brothers for their tireless efforts.

See the complete online discography here


Also, if you prefer to buy a "physical-hold-it-in-your-hand-CD"....well, we have those too. Click on the CD-cover below to purchase directly through a variety of online retailers!

Discography of Physical CDs:
Deep Roots - 17/instrumentals(Gypsy-Jazz, Swing/Acoustic-String, Bluegrass/Americana-Folk)
9345 Damascus Road - 15/vocals, 1/instrumental (Folk/Gospel/Acoustic)
Morning in America's Greatest Hits - 7/vocals, 6/instrumentals(MP3 Album only)
Bloomin' Strings - 16/instrumentals(Irish/Celtic/Bluegrass/Mtn/Acoustic-Folk)
Voices of Home - 15/vocals,1/instrumental(Folk/Christian/Gospel/Acoustic/Rural/Acoustic)
Songs of a Shoemaker's Son - 9/vocals, 3/instrumentals(AcousticCountry/Bluegrass)
Red Dirt Serenade - 11/instrumentals, 2/vocals(Traditional Fiddle/Banjo/Hoedown/Bluegrass)
440 Songs of Comfort - 8/vocals, 4/instrumentals(Traditional Gospel/Stained-Glass Window)
Gitano Road - 12 instrumentals, (Easy-listening/lullaby/soft/comforting string music)
Crib Jam - 11/instrumetnals, 3/vocals(Chapter 1 of Red Dirt Serenade, Fiddle/Banjo/SquareDance)
Tones of Yore - 12 instrumentals (Acoustic/Folk/Bluegrass/Banjo-Fiddle-Mandolin)
Balladeer - 8/vocals, 4/instrumentals (contains Bill Bennett/Morning in America songs)